Akmene Region Municipality
L.Petravičiaus a.2, LT-85132 Naujoji Akmene
Code 188719391
tel. (425) 57133, fax (425) 56594,
E-mail: info@akmene.lt

Geographical situation:

Akmenė Municipality is situated in the Northern–Western part of Lithuania, in the territory of the Lithuanian–Latvian border. District area - 844 sq. m., administrative centre – Naujoji Akmenė. The district is divided into six elderships. There are three towns in the municipality: Akmenė, Naujoji Akmenė and Venta.  Akmenė District is a part of Šiauliai County.

Nearest cities:

  • Vilnius – 270 km,
  • Kaunas – 200 km,
  • Klaipėda – 160 km,
  • Šiauliai – 60 km,
  • Riga – 125 km.

Transport infrastructure:

  • Roads to Latvia, Joniškis, Mažeikiai, Šiauliai, Telšiai
  • Railway line Šiauliai-Mažeikiai
  • Railway siding of Venta-Naujoji Akmenė
  • International Airport in Šiauliai city (at 60 km distance from Naujoji Akmenė)


  • Number of residents: 24.455 (The Residents' Registre Service of 2014)
  • The majority of people living in Akmenė District speaks at least one foreign language: English, German or Russian

Economic indicators:

  • GDP in Šiauliai County - 2.5 billion EUR
  • FDI in Šiauliai County 174.13 million EUR. FDI in Akmenė Municipality 39.41 million EUR (The Statistic Department of Lithuania, 2012)
  • Average brutto monthly earnings in Akmenė District Municipality – 556.65 EUR (The State Social Insurance Fund, 2013)
  • Unemployment rate in Akmenė Municipality – 13.2 % (July of 2014)
  • Population of working age - 13,037

Tax system:

  • Income tax – 5-15%
  • VAT – 21%
  • Real estate tax – 0-1%
  • Land Rent – 0-1.5%

Major enterprises operating in Akmenė:

  • AB Akmenės Cementas - cement production
  • UAB Bigso- carton, paper products
  • UAB Vaidva - demolition of buildings, waste recycle
  • AB Naujasis Kalcitas - construction materials manufacturing
  • UAB Eternit Baltic – roofing, facade decorating materials

Outlook for business:

  • There are land plots available for business development with the nearby communications (gas pipelines, electricity and water-supply networks) in Akmenė District
  • Services of business consultants, lawyers, notary, banking, insurance, telecommunication and Labour Exchange Department etc. are available in Naujoji Akmenė
  • Akmenė District is situated in the territory of the Lithuanian–Latvian border and it is suitable for development of logistics activities
  • Akmenė is known as a region manufacturing construction material (cement, concrete, slaked lime, dolomite macadam)
  • Rich resources of minerals
  • Low manufacturing costs
  • Competitive labour costs
  • Large farmland areas provide an opportunity to develop agricultural activities
  • Unique geological heritage can be used for expansion of tourism activities

Statistics of Akmenė District




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